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Quick sale is a way to buy a piece before it goes to auction.

For example: if the opening bid for a painting is 
100$ and the quicksale price is 300$, I could bid 
100$ and hope no one ele bids for it (or hope to 
be able to outbid them). But, if no one else has 
bid for the piece, I can say "I'll pay 300$ right 
away" and then be sure to get the painting since 
no one else can bid on it.

FYI, I modified the text.



At 2:51 AM +0000 3/4/09, S L wrote:
>Hello René
>Please find the translation for the art show, attached.
>I had trouble understanding the context for the 
>quick sale: is this a vocal auction done at the 
>end of the art show?
>If not, I will have to revise my wording.
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>>  I would need this one done fairly quickly as we need it for the website.
>>  Thanks!
>>  Rene
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