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Joey Pride registration02 at anticipationsf.ca
Mon Mar 16 18:58:00 PDT 2009


Can you please translate the letter below to French as soon as possible.

Thank you

Joey Pride
Registration Staff

Dear Ms. Lamarre

Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to your previous
e-mail.  I was waiting to receive the copy of the returned cheque from
the person who had received it from our bank.  I had thought that I had
sent you a note saying that I was waiting for this document, but
apparently I did not.

Attached is a copy of the cheque that we received from you
and which was returned by your bank. The funds were initially deposited in
our account and then removed and should have been returned to your account.
The front page of the scan provides some information: namely that your bank,
upon validating the cheque, found something wrong and removed the money from
our account.

The money should have been returned to your account by your bank. The scan
of the attached cheque proves there was a problem with the transaction and
the money was not deposited in our account.
You should take this matter up directly with your bank, as we have done all
we can from our side.
If you still wish to attend the convention, please forward a replacement
cheque as soon as possible.
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