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René Walling cybernetic.nomad at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 18:47:47 PDT 2009

...à traduire bien entendu!

Tremblant Beneath the Stars
Billed as the "largest star party in Quebec", 
Tremblant Beneath the Stars will take place from 
on the 14 and 15 August. Those of you touring the 
province after the convention may wish to add 
this to your itinerary. Events usually include 
presentations from the Canadian Space Agency, a 
star party with many telescopes, and guided night 
hikes under the stars. More information will be 
available via the CSA's event page on their web 
site (http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/events/).

The Light Programme
The Light Programme will offer games, improv 
theatre, science fiction and fantasy gardening, a 
reading-aloud workshop, the whole Weird Universe, 
and lots more. Join us at the fringes of WorldCon 
for something just a little bit different.

Fan Track
Fan Track? What's a Fan Track? Fun for fans of 
all fannish ages. Whether you are new to SF 
fandom and/or Worldcon, or if you are an Old Fan 
and Tired, the Anticipation Fan Track is being 
designed to attract you to spend part of your 
Montreal Worldcon on the Fan Side. What do you 
want on the Fan Track? Suggestions are always 
welcome. Fanzines and conventions, a reunion of 
attendees of the only German Worldcon, a photo 
tour of New Zealand (filling in for Middle 
Earth), a tour by owner of the full scale replica 
of the apartment of artist Taral Wayne, fandom 
outside of the United States, and an introduction 
to Worldcon, is a sample of the Fan track's 



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