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Bonjour RenéVoici la traduction des trois paragraphes (document ci-joint).Saskia

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> ...à traduire bien entendu!
> Tremblant Beneath the Stars
> Billed as the "largest star party in Quebec", 
> Tremblant Beneath the Stars will take place from 
> on the 14 and 15 August. Those of you touring the 
> province after the convention may wish to add 
> this to your itinerary. Events usually include 
> presentations from the Canadian Space Agency, a 
> star party with many telescopes, and guided night 
> hikes under the stars. More information will be 
> available via the CSA's event page on their web 
> site (http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/events/).
> The Light Programme
> The Light Programme will offer games, improv 
> theatre, science fiction and fantasy gardening, a 
> reading-aloud workshop, the whole Weird Universe, 
> and lots more. Join us at the fringes of WorldCon 
> for something just a little bit different.
> Fan Track
> Fan Track? What's a Fan Track? Fun for fans of 
> all fannish ages. Whether you are new to SF 
> fandom and/or Worldcon, or if you are an Old Fan 
> and Tired, the Anticipation Fan Track is being 
> designed to attract you to spend part of your 
> Montreal Worldcon on the Fan Side. What do you 
> want on the Fan Track? Suggestions are always 
> welcome. Fanzines and conventions, a reunion of 
> attendees of the only German Worldcon, a photo 
> tour of New Zealand (filling in for Middle 
> Earth), a tour by owner of the full scale replica 
> of the apartment of artist Taral Wayne, fandom 
> outside of the United States, and an introduction 
> to Worldcon, is a sample of the Fan track's 
> variety.
> Merci!
> Rene
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