[Translation] participant biographies

Mike McMillan manager at rockyhigh66.org
Tue Mar 31 06:41:30 PDT 2009

> Mike, is there a way to check whether the big bunch of bios have 
> previously been translated? Since several translators worked on the 
> initial bunch, we won't necessarily be able to spot them...
> Saskia

I've placed a list of all the bios that I have translations for on 
Participants 2.

Some old translations were "misplaced" during a web site modification a while
ago (Not my fault!, says Barack Obama), and I will try to recover them and add
them to the list (and pull them from the translation pages, if any are there).
 I'll also try to compare the list to what is up for translation.

humble web minion

from  manager at rockyhigh66.org  Mike McMillan

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