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Sylvain sylvst at total.net
Sat May 9 03:21:18 PDT 2009

Dear Alison,

You are right in saying that PDF is not convenient, especially for 
the forms!  It would be far easier for everybody - including the poor 
sap who will need to replace all the words with the French ones we 
will provide - if we had the DOC version.


At 05:28 PM 5/8/2009, Alison Wall wrote:
>Hi Claire and Sylvain,
>We have had a request to translate the sponsorship request 
>document.  This one is time sensitive, so I'm asking that Claire 
>translate the first three pages, and Sylvain deal with the last 
>four.  If either of you won't be able to work on this at this time, 
>please le me know and I'll ask someone else.
>The document is on the website at 
>The document is posted in .pdf format, which I know none of us can 
>really work with well.  I have asked for a copy in .doc, .rtf or 
>.txt format.  As well, I was told that much of the information on 
>the first two pages comes from the Anticipation 
>website....somewhere.  I have also asked for links to the specific 
>pages the information was drawn from.  I will forward this 
>information to you as soon as I receive it.
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