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I am sorry, I have no time at all for this... :-(


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De : val.grimm at gmail.com [mailto:val.grimm at gmail.com] De la part de Val Grimm
Envoyé : Wednesday, May 27, 2009 2:19 PM
Cc : sponsorship at anticipationsf.ca
Objet : translation for sponsorships

Hi folks! More work for you. You'll grow to hate me, I'm sure, but on
my own I write French laboriously and with terrible grammar, so be
happy I'm just sending you English ( :

Can someone please translate this soon?
We finally have the French sponsorships packet ready (thank you for
translating it), and I need to contact dealers and such ASAP.
This won't all be used in this order or with all these pieces, but is
a combination of the boilerplate texts I have used.

Obviously email addresses and links will get swapped out (which
reminds me I need to update my headers for this)

Many thanks ( :

Fyi, I will be sending five new press releases for translation your
way by the July 4th meeting. I always seem to hear back from Brigitte
who has been very helpful. Thank you Brigitte!

Here is the text...

Dear [Sir or Madam],

You are receiving this message because you have reserved a dealers'
table at Anticipation, the 67th World Science Fiction Convention.

What better place to promote your [books] / [products] than in a place where
people who see your advertising can walk right down to the dealers'
room and purchase them!

As you know, the 2009 World Science Fiction Convention (or Worldcon),
with Guests
of Honour Neil Gaiman, Élisabeth Vonarburg, Taral Wayne, Tom Doherty,
and David Hartwell, will gather people from over 23 countries for five
days of activities and events in Montréal in August of this year. In
addition to our all-star guests, over five hundred authors, artists,
scholars, and scientists will be present, among them bloggers and
other tastemakers. Thousands of fans, who as a
demographic spend hundreds of dollars a year on books--many of them
making this their once-yearly vacation--will be in attendance.

The Hugo Awards are a highlight of every Worldcon. We will
also host the Aurora Awards, which celebrate Canadian writers, fans
and artists, and the Chesley Awards, recognizing excellence in the
field of science fiction and fantasy art.

This is a perfect venue in which to publicize [company] to
an audience of voracious readers and reviewers.

Please download this PDF from our website
to view our advertising and sponsorship options and pricing.

Please let us know your preferences by June 3rd; apologies for the short notice.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at
sponsorships at anticipationsf.ca

Sincerely yours,
Val Grimm


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