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Hi Jean,

Please translate the two attached texts.  If you are unavailable over the
next while, please let me know and I will ask someone else to look at
these.  We are starting to get the translation requests for the souvenir
book, so there are quite a few requests all at once right now.  I certainly
don't expect that this means that everything gets translated immediately!

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David G. Hartwell Reminisces About  Writing for Zines of All Kinds

In the process of adding some information about his bibliography, 
Hartwell wrote a little about some of the magazines he's contributed to.


I reviewed SF for Paul Williams' fanzine, Within, in the early 60s.
I later had a review column titled Thrilling Wonder Stories, in the New York
Avatar, an underground newspaper in about 1968, in collaboration with Paul
Williams (only lasted two or three issues).

I moved that column to Crawdaddy magazine, which Williams edited, in 
about 1970 and did it for years, or at least til
1975.  I wrote rock criticism in the late 60s for that
magazine, and in the early 70s wrote an essay on Vonnegut of which I am

Cosmos was great fun, and a magazine ahead of its time. It was conceived
as the first magazine of its size, for better newsstand display, and had
four pages of color in the center, including a centerfold that was a
two-page art spread. Jack Gaughan was the art director, and Cosmos was an
opportunity for him to shine. Not only did he commission covers (and paint
one overnight when an a rtist failed to deliver on deadline), and do the
centerfold, he commissioned of did all the interior illustration, and did
the layouts himself on layout boards for the printer. In those days Cosmos
really looked cutting-edge. I tried to get fiction and features to match.
Anit it looked as if it was going to work, when it was suddenly killed
because its distribution contract was linked to another magazine that
failed, effectively guaranteeing that Cosmos would have to sell all the
copies distributed to break even, if we published the next issue. I still
have the boards for the unpublished issue that Jack had ready to print.

I was asked to be guest editor of a special SF issue of TriQuarterly by the
editor-in-chief, Eliott Anderson.  In the process, he decided to make
Robert Onopa my co-editor. Then Anderson left the magazine before the 
issue came
out.   Jonathan Brent became Editor, and didn't know I was the SF issue
editor, and so he published mangled credits. But I either solicited or
approved all the contents (two stories, I think, came in via Onopa, from
whom I later bought a novel at Berkeley, and who has occasionally
published short SF in the last decade).

I was an editor of The Little Magazine (TLM), which began life under the
editorship of Alexis Levitin, as The Quest (late '65, first issue '66) for
22 years, and was the publisher from 1974 or so. We published substantial
amounts of stuff by SF writers, poetry, fiction, and criticism (by Delany,
one of his first essays). The staff of TLM in 1988 was
Patrick & Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Kathryn Cramer, Susan Palwick, Tom Weber,
Samuel R. Delany, James Ellroy, and Pam Hunt. Seven of us founded The
New York Review of Science Fiction after the last issue of TLM was 
published in June 88 (and that issue
contains a history of TLM by Thomas T. Beeler). Because of this
experience, I was asked to give a public presentation at the Newbery
Library in Chicago with poet Albert Goldbarth, a few years ago, on Science
Fiction and Poetry, which was great fun.


David Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer, et. al. have now published over 249 
issues of NYROSF.  The magazine has been nominated for the Best 
Semi-Prozine Hugo 21 times.  Hartwell has won the Best Professional 
Editor (Long Form) Hugo two times since 2006.

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