[Zambia] Programme Ops - new page in Zambia

Henry Balen balen at acm.org
Sat Aug 1 14:32:54 PDT 2009

Jeff & Terry,

I have added an interactive page in Zambia that should be useful for  
at-con programme ops:

	http://scheduling.anticipationsf.ca/ViewProgForOps.php (got to this  
URL after you login)

It is also available under manage sessions as
	"View/Search Scheduled Sessions (Programme Ops)"

The page allows you to go through all the scheduled programme items  
(20 per table page). It is sortable (click on the titles). You can  
also search, there are two search boxes, one will use the text to  
search in the title or programme participants (partial names will work  
and it ignores accents to e is the same as é). The other allows you to  
search by room (again partial rooms numbers will work so 526 matches  
P-516A, P-516B etc). Of course you can combine the two...

When you select a row in the result table tabs at the bottom of the  
page will be populated based on the selected session. These include  
Features, Services, and Edit History.


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