[Zambia] At con Zambia instance - Important

Henry Balen balen at acm.org
Wed Aug 5 19:23:34 PDT 2009


As there will not be any internet access for programme ops, we will be  
moving to an at con Zambia instance at 9am tomorrow (6 August). So  
what does this mean:

1. We do not want there to be drift between the online version of  
Zambia and the at-con version (so most of you accounts privileges to  
edit the Zambia database will be disabled for the duration of the  

2. A copy of the Zambia database and the code as of 9am, 6th August,  
will reside on a server at the convention.

3. After the convention the data from the programme ops database will  
be re-imported onto the server, and all privileges re-established.

If there are any concerns or questions please let myself or Terry know.

thank you

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