[Zambia] make me invisible

Lisa Hertel LHertel at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 17:38:04 PDT 2009

Val Grimm wrote:
> So I know that Lisa was adding me and Louise to events we have to be
> at so no one expects us to be in two places simultaneously, but I am
> also aware that, absent a hack, this means we will appear in item
> descriptions which I Do Not Want.
> Has anyone got a hack?
> Best
> Val
I suggested making the pubs name be all spaces as a work-around. Is 
there a do not print function for participants? Val isn't the only one: 
Rene, the conchair, has several items he should be at but isn't actually 
on (like hugo reception).

Another option is to uncheck them, produce the pp, then recheck then so 
the individual program sheets are correct.

-- Lisa Hertel

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