[Zambia] Session cross ref nos and a couple of new reports

Laurie Mann ldtmann at dpsinfo.com
Tue Jul 28 03:25:41 PDT 2009

Terry Fong wrote:
> Hi
> In preparation for the grid being published, the cross reference from 
> Zambia session id to publish number has been loaded into a field in 
> Zambia
> 2 reports have been modified to show the information needed,
> http://scheduling.anticipationsf.ca/staffallgridstaticreportpubsno.php
> and
> http://scheduling.anticipationsf.ca/staffallgridstaticreportpubsnopublic.php 
> The first one is for all items that are schedule, including staff only 
> and do not publish
> The second one is only for the published items
I'd like to see these, but I cannot access them.

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