[Zambia] Plan for participants, staff, and duplicates in Zambia

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For all my cries for help, the whole thing is remarkably clean.

2009/6/13 Peter Olszowka <p.olszowka at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> Here is my plan for participants, staff, and duplicates in Zambia.
> Staff have badgeids 1000-1999.
> The participants entered manually early on have badgeids 2000-2999.
> Imported participants have hadgeids 3000-4999.
> Most staff who are participants will have two records.
> If there are any duplicate records for the same person either because
> of import issues or because they are staff, those records will have
> their "attending" (interested) flag set to "Hide Duplicate" (3).
> Those records will not appear on Assign Participant and will appear in
> reports only if they are assigned to sessions.
> I will manually go through and clean up the duplicate records so that
> all the useful info is associated with the good record including
> changing session assignments.
>  --PeterO
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