[Zambia] Last names in Zambia

Terry Fong terry.fong at sympatico.ca
Sun Jun 14 18:49:13 PDT 2009

It was on my list of things to talk to someone about -- cleaning up the last 
names at the same time we tied into the registration db.

I was presuming we could plunk all the corrections into congodump -- I have a 
spreadsheet with most of the information to go in, once the right fields are setup.

We need to
	correct last name, first name fields
	incorporate reg status (in a pinch, only attending/not, but ideally also 
membership number).

Registration info: Ideally, membership number plus status 
(attending/supporting/not attending/unknown)
	Attending is obvious
	Supporting is equal to not attending, just being complete
	Not attending is someone we approached and has said no
	Unknown is simply that -- unknown

	This is all because we have people who have filled in forms but have not 
registered yet.

	I would like the reg number/status to appear on the view participant screen. 
For now, not editable -- ideally we could tie into the reg db, but that is 
something we may not have time for.

	BTW, the name that was input into the form is not necessarily the one appearing 
in the reg db -- as an example, someone like James P. Kelly (this is real) 
registered as Jim Kelly (address matched) but will have James Patrick Kelly on 
the form, and has specified James Kelly as badge name. (Details not quite right, 
but this did happen with Mr Kelly) (He may also have put in period after P. Or not.)


Benjamin Levy wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 8:40 PM, Peter Olszowka<p.olszowka at gmail.com> wrote:
>> So will participant last names (a.k.a. sirnames) be used for anything?
>>  For example, will the program be sorted by last name?  If so, we need
>> to find someone go to through and edit them.  For example, participant
>> 3305 is listed as first name "Joseph", last name "P. Martno".  In
>> general the pubsname (name for publications) is fine.
>  Just in case the distinction between the first name/last name and the
> pubsname is not clear, the "pubsname", is the name that will go on the
> table tents, schedule, bio, ...
>   For example, Eric Blair(*) might be an author's real name, but
> "George Orwell" is the name that will be listed in the Program,
> possibly on his badge, ...).
>    ---Ben
> (*)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Blair
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