[Zambia] Character issues in Zambia

Henry Balen balen at acm.org
Mon Jun 15 14:52:42 PDT 2009


I have added a tab to the view participants page so that we can see a  
list of what sessions a participant has been assigned to. This can  
help when we weed out dups.
As a test I went to http://scheduling.anticipationsf.ca/ViewParticipantDetails.php 
  and looked at the details for Von (Vonarburg). One of the session  
titles appears to have a character that the html_entities did not  
encode or something else is going on. If you select the row with  
Zambia id of 2001 the tabs will fill, then select the sessions tab to  
see the issue.

Since the session titles are entered via Zambia and not directly into  
the DB I would have thought that they would be consistent. Any ideas?


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