[Zambia] Character issues in Zambia

H Balen balen at mac.com
Mon Jun 15 14:58:59 PDT 2009

Renée pointed out one of the character issues. In some of the  
programme titles (and bios) people have used different single quote  
characters (instead of the plain quote ' ). This can arise if folks  
have cut and paste from word or another editor, or just use characters  
such as `.


On Jun 15, 2009, at 17:52, Henry Balen wrote:

> Peter,
> I have added a tab to the view participants page so that we can see  
> a list of what sessions a participant has been assigned to. This can  
> help when we weed out dups.
> As a test I went to http://scheduling.anticipationsf.ca/ViewParticipantDetails.php 
>  and looked at the details for Von (Vonarburg). One of the session  
> titles appears to have a character that the html_entities did not  
> encode or something else is going on. If you select the row with  
> Zambia id of 2001 the tabs will fill, then select the sessions tab  
> to see the issue.
> Since the session titles are entered via Zambia and not directly  
> into the DB I would have thought that they would be consistent. Any  
> ideas?
> Henry

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