[Zambia] Zambia CRs

Terry Fong terry.fong at sympatico.ca
Thu Jun 18 16:06:25 PDT 2009

Hi Peter

Before I start thanks for all the help. The rush aspect to all this is entirely 
my fault...

(I do not know if Kate is on this list, so I added her to this discussion)

Note: the absolute priority is getting the emails out. I was hoping for Sunday 
but I think that is now a pipe dream. However, very soon after that -- Monday or 
Tuesday -- is still doable.

I think the bash script idea is doable, but not very elegant. I was rereading 
Kate's email and whichever way we go we have to throttle our email server.

So, keeping the fact in mind that email processing is now the absolute priority 
-- I can do without anymore reports if that works. I can produce the schedule as 
is (just ignore all the muttering). Partly that is due to the fact that Zambia 
was never intended for a worldcon; also, I may be relatively unique in how I 

I will also point out that we cannot simply give our program participants an URL 
even under the best of circumstances: there are over 1000 sessions to through! 
Also, a lot of people will say -- I want to be on that one, and that one...

With all that in mind, I give you my CR (Change Requests) concerning reports, 
with an attempt at prioritization:

Participants With People to Avoid
Report not working; yikes! It comes up blank...

Modify new scheduled report
	to show time, day, room
	delete pub status

Modify Session hotel and tech notes
	produce for unscheduled and scheduled items; show unsched or similar in 
roomname, etc
	(explanation: this will affect room assignments; trying to group them into one 
set of rooms)

New report (can wait until after email scripts)
	display any items with pub status that is not public. Show same data as 
unscheduled report

Modify new unscheduled report
	delete pub status
	add expected attendance

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