[Zambia] Workflow for unscheduled items

Terry Fong terry.fong at sympatico.ca
Sat Jun 20 07:05:10 PDT 2009

Oops, one other thing:

Being able to enter the time as say 1200 directly will reduce the mistakes I 
make. I keep finding myself having to correct because I forget to set the am/pm 
bit. 24 hour clock preferred,


Terry Fong wrote:
> Hi Peter
> This is slowing me down a bit -- partly because the server keeps timing 
> out. Partly because I am not used to assigning more than one item at a 
> time to a particular room -- I sense that Arisia does assign tracks to a 
> room. Worldcons only do that for logistical or political reasons
> Ideally, something that allows me to essentially enter the sessionid, 
> room, time and schedule it. For confirmation, displaying the session and 
> room characteristics just before confirming. You could also launch a
> box from the unscheduled report.
> Yep, it is very different from the workflow outlined, but Arisia doesn't 
> have to schedule 700-900 items.
> Thanks,
> Terry

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