[Zambia] Still need more room/venue information for Zambia

Peter Olszowka p.olszowka at gmail.com
Fri May 29 07:47:47 PDT 2009


Currently, the Zambia db contains only 5 rooms: P-510A, P-510B,
P-510C, P-510D, & P-517S.  (I think P means Palais).  Ideally Zambia
should contain every room and venue where anything will be scheduled.
This includes even unpublished staff meetings--scheduling such
meetings in Zambia prevents a conflict with a staff member who is also
a participant, masquerade judge, etc.

While the Zambia database has fields for room capacity, dimensions,
etc., all the infomation that is really needed to be able to work on
the schedule is a list of short room names.


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