Art Show

Vermeer parody © M McMillan for Anticipation

The Anticipation Art Show will be in the Palais des Congrès room 210, adjacent to Exhibits and the Dealers’ Room.  The purpose of this Art Show is to showcase original art works of a science fiction, fantasy, and/or fannish nature.  Both flat and 3-D art work will be accepted for display and sale.  We invite all artists, Canadian, American, etc., to participate in this year’s Worldcon Art Show.  Artwork will be displayed on pegboard panels, tables, print shop and artist alley. 

We have arranged for a consolidated shipping point from Albany, NY in the US into Canada to facilitate clearing customs.  This is now possible because you the artist will be expected to itemize your artwork in advance into the art show database.  If artists choose to send their art through the consolidation point for shipping to Montreal and clearing through customs then Anticipation will cover the brokerage costs including GST both ways.  The artist will still be responsible for the cost of shipping their art within the US.  If artists choose to bring their own works through the border, they will be directly responsible for any costs and paperwork required, including paying GST on all their work upon entry.

Artists will need to check in and hang their art on Wednesday and Thursday so we can open the show to our members on Thursday afternoon.  Artist check-out will be on Monday.

Grant Wood parody © M McMillan for Anticipation

Artwork will be sold by written bidding; potential buyers should remember to register with the art show staff before bidding.  Buyers will also be offered the option of quick sale.  If and only if there are no written bids on a piece, that piece may be purchased at the quick sale price.  We request that the artwork stay on display in the art show for as long as possible, unless you have a single-day membership.  The close of written bidding and the voice auction will be on Sunday.  Buyers will be able to pick-up and pay for their artwork late afternoon on Sunday or on Monday morning.

We expect to be open late on Friday, the evening of the Chesley art award ceremony sponsored by ASFA, when we will host a joint reception for all artists, their agents, the Anticipation staff, guests and members.

The art show will also host art-related activities which will be coordinated by Programming.  Artist demos are demonstrations of an art technique. Artist kaffeeklatches are an opportunity for fans of a particular artist to meet with them for one hour.  Docent tours are guided tours of the art show.  Artists are encouraged to volunteer to Programming at the Anticipation e-mail address.

The complete rules for artists and a reservation form are now available online in PDF format.  We will e-mail an invitation to artists on the mailing lists from the last several Worldcons.  If you believe that you may not be on one of those lists or have moved in the last few years, please send your contact information via e-mail to

You can email the form back to us by converting the form into a pdf or scanning the completed form.  Email back to us as an attachment.  If e-mailing us your form, you can pay via Paypal using their secure services.

PayPal Login

Go to Paypal and click Send Money.  Enter the following details and the amount you need to pay:
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