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We still have a few tables available (as of July 23). Please do not send money without first contacting us.

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See below for a list of Confirmed Dealers

We believe our location in Québec will enable us to attract dealers with a wide range of new and different products, available in more than two languages.  We look forward to hosting both new vendors and familiar faces, and believe you’ll be delighted to see what a different culture has to offer.

We have engaged a brokerage service to handle moving your inventory into and out of Canada.  Information can be found on the Customs Broker page.

If you are interested in being a dealer, please download the following letter and form and mail it back to us: Dealer_Letter.pdf   Please include a check, money order, or credit card information to cover deposit.  Do not send cash in the mail.  Credit card transactions will be processed in Canadian dollars.

You can email the form back to us by converting the form into a pdf or scanning the completed form.  Email back to us as an attachment.  If e-mailing us your form, you can pay via Paypal using their secure services.

PayPal Login

Go to Paypal and click Send Money.  Enter the following details and the amount you need to pay:

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Category of purchase :  Goods (Other)
Subject :  Dealer’s Table Deposit
In Note enter your name, address, contact email or telephone

Anticipation Weapons policy
“No weapon, whether edged or projectile firing (or facsimiles thereof or anything resembling a weapon) shall be carried within the boundaries of the convention.  Any weapon sold in the Dealers Room must be wrapped for transport to the purchaser’s room.  Penalty for failure to do so will result in the dealer being asked to remove all weapons from their table.  Operations/Rovers will have the final say on what constitutes a weapon.  Anyone found carrying a weapon will be asked to return it to their room.  Failure to do so will result in penalties that could be up to and including revocation of membership.”

There is now a Dealers FAQ online. Please check it periodically for updates.

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List of confirmed dealers.

* = Paid in full

Booth/ Table#Name of Dealer (and Web Site)Descriptions
16–19Anticipation Official T-shirt SalesConvention T-shirts
11Apogee Books*NASA Mission Reports, Space Biographies, & Pocket Space Guides (some books have DVDs or CD-ROMs), classic science fiction titles and World Space Models (plastic snap-together historical replicas)
107–110The Book Scouts*Used Books. High quality, collectible, First Editions.
301–302Bragelonne*Science Fiction and Fantasy novels in French
210bChiZine PublicationsChiZine Publications is an independent, invite-only publisher of weird, surreal, and disturbing dark fiction
210Cornell*Rare and used SF, Fantasy and Horror books. First editions. Collectible paperbacks and limited edition books and magazines.
101Creatures From El*Detailed handmade sculptures of fantasy, si fi and surrealist themes.
10Crossing Chaos Enigmatic Ink*Fantastic and experimental books
105DreamHaven BooksSpecializing in Neil Gaiman books
20–23EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing*Books (new)
315Éditions ADA*Books in French
304–305Les Éditions Alire Inc*The best of French America’s speculative fiction
307Les Éditions Des Intouchables & Les Éditions Michel BrûléLivres Des Éditions des Intouchables et Des Éditions Michel Brûlé.
303Les Éditions Médiaspaul*Young adult novels in French
306Les Éditions du Vermillon*The books of Christ Oliver and Jean-Louis Trudel from Vermillon Publications
111Elemental Illusions*Leather masks and other leather costuming goods
316ERPI - DLM*Comics and other books of sf and fantasy in French
23Fitzhenry & Whiteside*Publisher of Robert J. Sawyer books, representative for Telos and publisher of science fiction and fantasy for teens
207–208Fo’Paws*Wearable Art & Funny Shirts
9Graviton Publishing*220 page sci-fi graphic novel: p-brane: The Green Man
12HalBer Books*As new books and gently used books, proofs
309–312Harper Collins*Bestselling and acclaimed books from some the world’s best science fiction and fantasy authors including Guest of Honour Neil Gaiman
309–312HB Fenn and Company Ltd.*Science Fiction and Fantasy from Tor Books, Pan Macmillan UK and other publishers, books by many of the authors at Anticipation, and the 30th Anniversary editions of the Hitchhiker’s Guide series.
309–312Indigo Books & Music Inc.*Science-fiction books
4Locus Publications*Magazine subscriptions
1–3La maladie de la carte non-sport*Smurf toys, Star Wars, Star Trek, Kiss figurines, magnets, stickers, busts, etc. scifi magazines, non-sport collectible cards of vintage of scifi, movies, etc.
 Maquettes Fusion*Science-fiction kits and models entirely designed and built by Fusion Models
313–314Messageries ADPBooks in French
25–29MTC Toys*Specialises in the sale of Sci-fi, Comic & Anime related products. Here you will find the largest selection of T-shirts, Patches, Pins, Ball Caps, Jerseys, Mousepads, etc. in Canada.
13–15New England Science Fiction AssociationBooks from NESFA Press
5–7Night Shade BooksPublsher
16–19OffWorld DesignsT-shirts
24On Spec Magazine*Literary Journal specializing in Literature of the Fantastic: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Magic Realism etc
308Prologue*Books in French
8Red Jack Books*Publisher of science fiction, humor, questionable self-help books, and humorous sci-fi related blank notebooks
211SF Canada*Books by members of SF Canada
103bSoundz IntriguingFrom the World of The Daughter of Flames Chronicle, find books, films, and photo art works
106Superchick CreationsGlass and semi-prcious jewelry, beadwork, and wire jewelry. Necklaces, chokers, earrings, bracelets, and tiaras. Also art cards, photographs and artwork.
205–206SFWA: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America*Books, magazines, memberships, and T-shirts
201–202Tachyon Publications*A San Francisco-based independent press specializing in science fiction and fantasy titles
110bTwisted ButtonsFunny Button/Badges, also custom buttons and t-shirts
202bTwo Wacky Pin Guys*Science Fiction Pins/glassware and other unique SF merchandise

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