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The Anticipation newsletter, Voyageur, will publish two issues on Thursday and Monday and three every other day. These will be uploaded to this page in pdf format during the con.

Thursday afternoonThursday evening
Issue 1Issue 2
Friday morningFriday afternoonFriday evening
Issue 3Issue 4Issue 5
Saturday morningSaturday afternoonSaturday evening
Issue 6Issue 7Issue 8
Sunday morningSunday afternoonSunday evening
Issue 9 (high res)Issue 10Issue 11
Issue 9 (low res)(pdf fixed)(Hugo results)
Monday morningMonday afternoon
Issue 12Issue 13 (low res)
 Issue 13 (high res)

The newsletter is largely in English only, other than announcements such as the results of the Hugos, and Auroras, which are bilingual.

You can email the newsletter team with submissions or queries, in advance and at-con.

The Newsletter team would like to thank everyone who helped us out during the con, and everyone who sent us news for inclusion!

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