Our Bid FAQ


This list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ for short) includes many of the questions our committee is asked at the various conventions they attend. If you have a question, please ask us by email or in person at one of the conventions that we’ll be attending.

  1. What is a WorldCon?
  2. Do I have to speak French?
  3. What is this site?
  4. So, when do I show up?
  5. Why buy now?
  6. Tell me more about the events at a WorldCon?
  7. So who runs the Montréal bid?
  8. How is the worldcon site selected?
  9. How can I help.
  10. So what are the levels of support?
  11. What’s WSFS?
  12. How do I join WSFS?
  13. Do I have to attend the WorldCon?
  14. What are the Hugos?
  15. Who decides who gets a Hugo?
  16. What’s behind the name “AnticipationSF”?
  17. So, if you win, then what?
  18. Who else wants to host WorldCon in 2009?
  19. Why did you choose to hold the WorldCon on August 6-10?
  20. Do you plan to do reimburse program participants, volunteers or guests of program participants?
  21. What about Customs for Dealers and Art Show?
  22. If you lose, will you bid for: another year/NASFiC for 2010/Westercon/US National?
  23. Will you be joining the Pass-Along Funds (PAF) agreement?
  24. But what about…

  1. What is a WorldCon? A “WorldCon” is an annual convention of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS). The convention is typically held on the Laborday weekend and varies from place to place each year. The exact location of a WorldCon is determined through a bidding process organized and overseen according to the WSFS constitution and bylaws.In addition to events mandated by the WSFS constitution, there are usually numerous panel talks, movies, exhibits, art show and merchants selling merchandise and publications. Two of the main features are the Masquerade, and the Hugo Awards. While some public events may be held in relation to a WorldCon, most of the events require a membership to the convention. Selling memberships is the conventions primary way of earning the funds to pay for the convention space, and the numerous other costs.WorldCons have quite a history, having been held every year since 1939 (with a few years off for World War II). Visit the WSFS website for details of WorldCon history as well as links to previous and future WorldCons.
  2. Do I have to speak French? No, while Montréal is the largest French speaking city in North America, most Montréalers speak both English and French.
  3. What is this site? This website is called a “bid site”. It contains the general information we have gathered in our attempt to win the bid for Montréal to host the 2009 WorldCon. Bidding for a WorldCon is a long process.It begins several years before the convention — in our case, five years before. There is no formal process to announcing a bid. Interested parties simply announce their intended host city, and year, usually at another Worldcon. In our case we did this at Noreascon 4, the 2004 WorldCon, held in Boston MA. The Chair and Chief Poobah of our bid is Rene Walling. He is assisted by a small group of dedicated fans determined to see a WorldCon hosted in Montréal. This group is known as the bid committee.Over time the proposed host city will try to gain funds to support its bid committee’s attendance at conventions in order to gain more memberships. The more memberships gained the more proof we have tha the host city has fan support.At each WorldCon a vote takes place to determine the host city for the Worldcon two years hence. All members of that WorldCon may vote; they may do so either in person or by mail-in ballot. There is a voting fee, the proceeds of which are submitted to the winning bid. Voters automatically become supporting members of the winning bid.There are usually at least two cities bidding for the WorldCon each year.For us, the vote to determine whether Montréal can host a WorldCon in 2009 is at Nippon in 2007 (Yokohama, Japan).
  4. So, when do I show up? You’re getting a bit ahead of yourself.If you’d like to have a WorldCon in Montréal - we need you to support us. By purchasing a supporting membership you:
    • Help us get to other conventions (WorldCons or otherwise) to tell others of our bid.
    • Help us reserve the convention site and surrounding facilities.
    • Help us organize and plan for the big day (a lot of the planning has to be done before we win the bid).
    • Get a discount on your membership to the Montréal WorldCon, if we win. The traditional date for a WorldCon is the Labor Day Weekend in September. The bid is still currently negotiating with various facilities, but our planned date is August 6–10, 2009. Details will be posted on the website as they are confirmed.
  5. Why buy now? Over time our membership rates go up. Bidding prices are static, but the earlier you buy your WorldCon membership, the cheaper it will be. Remember that WorldCon is a *5* day convention featuring people and exhibits from all around the world.Fan funds raise money to send members to WorldCons every year.
  6. Tell me more about the events at a WorldCon? There’s five full days of events at a WorldCon. The largest of these events include:
    • The Hugo Awards.
    • The Masquerade.
    • Guests of Honor speeches and presentations.
    • The Art Show.
    • The Dealer’s Room.
    • The Exhibits.
    • Press & Promotions. And then there’s the the host city. Montréal in August. Take a look at our local links page for some ideas about what you can do while in Montréal.
  7. So who runs the Montral bid? Our WorldCon bid committee consists of the following people:
    • Chairman: Rene Walling (Montréal, QC, Canada)
    • Chief cook & Bottle Washer: Eugene Heller (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
    • Counter of things: Terry Fong
    • Brian Davis (??, NB, Canada)
    • John Mansfield (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)
    • Linda Ross-Mansfield (Winnipeg, MB, Canada)
    • Peter Jarvis (Hamilton, ON, Canada)
    • Robbie Bourget (London, England)
    • Nicholas Shectman (,MA,United Stated)
    • Marie-Astrid Walling (Montréal, QC, Canada)
    • Michael “Mr. Shirt” McConnell
    • Bruce Farr (AZ, United States) Additional staff includes:
    • Plush Toy Wrangler (in charge of the website content): Rebecca Downey
    • Primary Back-Ender (in charge of the physical website): Sterling Westrup
  8. How is the worldcon site selected? The selection of a site is a detailed process. For the best answer we’ve found on this question, we direct you to the Noreascon FAQ.
  9. How can I help. If you’ve already bought a supporting membership, you can try emailing us. We’re interested in volunteers with a wide variety of skills.Can you translate english-to-french? We’re always looking for translators to help with the website and other promotional material.Are we going to a convention near you? Hook up with us there. If you don’t see your convention listed - contact us and find out why we’re not going to your convention; and learn what you can do for us.
  10. So what are the levels of support? We have three levels of support:
    • Pre-Support. You want us to win the bid. You’re helping us by putting money down as a promise of getting a membership once we win.
    • Pre-Opposed. You don’t want us to win the bid, but you do want to see us to try. You get charged a bit more than for a Pre-Support. (Admittedly – this is a little running gag amonst WorldCons. It allows supporters for other host cities to support multiple bids while declaring their preference. It also allows Pre-Supporters to give a little bit more money if they want to.)
    • Good Friend (Bon Ami). You really want us to win. The price of a Bon Ami includes a free t-shirt and lots of good will.For the rates of support, refer to our Forms page.
  11. What’s WSFS? The World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) is the organization that licences WorldCons. WSFS requires that every WorldCon perform the following:
    • Administers the Hugo Awards.
    • Select the site for a future WorldCon two years hence.
    • Hold a Business Meeting for WSFS.
    • Present regular financial reports to WSFS.
  12. How do I join WSFS? Everyone who joins a WorldCon gets to be a member of WSFS for that year.
  13. Do I have to attend the WorldCon? No, although we would like to see you there.If you want to vote in the Hugo Awards and vote on the next location of a WorldCon, you can purchase either a Supporting or Attending membership. A supporting membership gives you the right to vote, but not attend. Such a membership tends to be cheaper than an Attending membership, which gives you the right to attend and vote.You can either cast your votes by mail before the event, or attend and vote at the WorldCon.Attending WSFS members are welcome to attend the Business Meeting for the governing body of WSFS, which is held each year at the WorldCon. The exact location and time of this meeting is announced in the WorldCon schedule, available during the convention.
  14. What are the Hugos? The Hugo Awards (or Hugos for short) are annual awards for achievement in science fiction and fantasy. These awards are awareded yearly at a WorldCon. All members of a WorldCon are welcome to vote.For more information about the Hugos refer to the Interaction Hugo Awards FAQ.
  15. Who decides who gets a Hugo? We do. More precisely, the members of WSFS. In 2006, this will be the members of LACon IV.
  16. What’s behind the name “AnticipationSF?” The name was chosen for a bevy of reasons. In short it is a name that works in both english and french (the officially recognized languages of Montréal). The name has strong ties to both science fiction and Quebec.Anticipation is the French term for Science Fiction in bookstores throughout Quebec.We like the name and believe it shows a strong tie to our host city, and part of our subject matter.
  17. So, if you win, then what? If we win the bid, we have a lot to do. Overnight our “bid site” has to become an official “WorldCon” site. Information about sites, the available facilities, our selected guests of honor, and lots of other details must be available for potential members and those who supported the bid,Those that purchased memberships back when the host city was still bidding get significant discounts on their membership to the WorldCon and are automatically informed of the good news by email. Note that we cannot promise that the email notification will not appear faster than our representatives if you are at the winning bid. Our representatives are known for their speed and exuberance but we will try to match that in our email.
  18. Who else wants to host WorldCon in 2009? Our esteemed opposition includes bids from Kansas City, MO and Albany, New York.
  19. Why did you choose to hold the WorldCon on August 6–10? WorldCon is traditionally held on (or around) Labor Day. The date we chose has several benefits:
    • Labor day weekend is no longer an inexpensive date to get facilities, book flights and hotel rooms. The date we chose is a lull time in the festival season in Montréal, allowing us to more easily find space to book.
    • Several groups important to fandom (including, but not limited to academics and parents with school-age children) have a difficult time travelling on Labor day as it is the start of the school year for most of North America.
    • August is a traditionally the month most people take their summer vacations in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
  20. Do you plan to do reimburse program participants, volunteers or guests of program participants? Any membership reimbursements for program participants and volunteers are contingent on whether or not the con has a surplus once all the bills are paid. So we have to wait until after the convention to have a definitive answer.
  21. What about Customs for Dealers and Art Show? We plan to ease the crossing of the US/Canada border for both dealers and artists as much as possible. Concrete plans will have to wait until we win, but we can tell you this: it’s been done before by Con*Cept and Toronto Trek (now Polaris) so we know we can do it too. In the meantime, we refer you to the Canadian Customs website’s visitor information page. More information shall become available after we win the bid.
  22. If you lose, will you bid for: another year/NASFiC for 2010/Westercon/US National? We’re here to bid for a Worldcon in 2009; future bids for other conventions, whether we win or lose, are beyond our horizon at this time.
  23. Will you be joining the Pass-Along Funds (PAF) agreement? Yes.
  24. But what about… If you have a question, let us know and we’ll try to answer it here.

“World Science Fiction Convention”, “NASFiC” and “Worldcon” are service marks of the World Science Fiction Society.

Please address all questions and comments regarding this website to: webmaster@anticipation.ca

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What’s New

Aug 12, 2009

The convention is over; thank you for joining us!

Thank you for joining us! Please post links to your convention reports or photos to the Anticipation Livejournal, or let us know on Twitter. And we hope to see a lot of you at Aussiecon 4.


Aug 9, 2009

Hugo Winners Announced

The 2009 Hugo winners have been announced.


Aug 7, 2009

Anticipation to offer “Taster” memberships

Heard about World Science Fiction Conventions (Worldcons) and think they sound cool but not sure they’re worth the money? Then Taster memberships are for you.