Progress Reports

Progress Reports are available online as PDF files.

Progress Report 4

PR4 was released in April 2009

B & WColour
Low res 4.6 MbLow res 3.5 Mb
High res 5.1 MbHigh res 8.6 Mb
Large print 5.3 MbLarge print 8.8 Mb

Progress Report 3

PR3 was released in January 2009

B & WColour
Low res 5.2 MbLow res 4.0 Mb
High res 5.4 MbHigh res 6.3 Mb
Large print 5.1 MbLarge print 7.3 Mb

Progress Report 2

PR2 was released in July 2008

B & WColour
Low res 2.6 MbLow res 1.6 Mb
High res 5.1 MbHigh res 4.1 Mb
Large print 5.2 MbLarge print 4.6 Mb

Progress Report 1

PR1 was released in March 2008

B & WColour
Low res 1.9 MbLow res 1.9 Mb
High res 4.3 MbHigh res 4.6 Mb
Large print 4.7 MbLarge print 5.1 Mb

Progress Report 0

PR0 was released at Nippon2007.

View PR0 online

Download a PDF of PR0 in A4 formatDownload a PDF of PR0 in letter format

What’s New

Aug 12, 2009

The convention is over; thank you for joining us!

Thank you for joining us! Please post links to your convention reports or photos to the Anticipation Livejournal, or let us know on Twitter. And we hope to see a lot of you at Aussiecon 4.


Aug 9, 2009

Hugo Winners Announced

The 2009 Hugo winners have been announced.


Aug 7, 2009

Anticipation to offer “Taster” memberships

Heard about World Science Fiction Conventions (Worldcons) and think they sound cool but not sure they’re worth the money? Then Taster memberships are for you.